Community Interest Company

We work with a number of community partners in a number of different ways and intend to grow this in the future. This also includes our approach to regular day to day customers. We love the fact that our customers feel they can come in on their own or in a group and we are inclusive without really trying. It’s easy when you respect everyone who walks through your doors, regardless of faith, believe, ethnicity or disability, as the individual they are.

We regularly link with Culture Warrington and are proud to support the Arts and Heritage of our town. This directly includes:

Codys and Soup Production Theatre groups using our space to rehearse and offer charitable events.

Being part of Heritage Week and the Arts Trail.

We offer our space to Community groups to meet during the day and in the evening, this currently includes SOBs UK who provide counselling and bereavement support to survivors of bereavement by suicide; network meetings run by Warrington Voluntary Action and The Warrington Wolves Foundation; Community Church groups; Small Founders Club – a support group for small businesses

And we have offered support and classes to lots of other groups and organisations including Cheshire Wellness and Mental Fitness; Warrington Rotary; Community Grocery; University of Chester Dementia Cafe and Warrington LEA partnership


Meeting once a month at Mamars, SOBs (Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide) is the only UK-based...

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