We work with a number of community partners in a number of different ways and intend to grow this in the future. This also includes our approach to regular day to day customers. We love the fact that our customers feel they can come in on their own or in a group and we are inclusive without really trying. It’s easy when you respect everyone who walks through your doors, regardless of faith, believe, ethnicity or disability, as the individual they are.

Community Links

We regularly link with Culture Warrington and are proud to support the Arts and Heritage of our town. This directly includes:

Codys and Soup Production Theatre groups using our space to rehearse and offer charitable events.

Being part of Heritage Week and the Arts Trail.

We offer our space to Community groups to meet during the day and in the evening, this currently includes SOBs UK who provide counselling and bereavement support to survivors of bereavement by suicide; network meetings run by Warrington Voluntary Action and The Warrington Wolves Foundation; Community Church groups; Small Founders Club – a support group for small businesses

And we have offered support and classes to lots of other groups and organisations including Cheshire Wellness and Mental Fitness; Warrington Rotary; Community Grocery; University of Chester Dementia Cafe and Warrington LEA partnership

  • Church Collective

    A Collective is a group of people who meet in different locations to worship creatively,...
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  • Walton LEA Partnership

    Walton Lea Partnership is a registered charity providing interesting, fun and stimulating learning opportunities for...
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  • University of Chester – Dementia Cafe

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  • Rotary Warrington

    Rotary is an organisation that brings together individuals from all walks of life, united by...
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  • The Warrington Wolves Foundation

    Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation was established in 2005 – we use the Warrington Wolves brand...
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  • Warrington Voluntary Action

    Providing information, guidance and resources for the community of Warrington....
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  • The Cheshire Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Trust

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  • Warrington Youth Rowing

    Rowing is a sport which brings out the best in people. Warrington Youth Rowing is...
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  • Soup Productions

    SOUP Productions is an exciting & quirky production community group, specialising in performing, writing, music...
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  • CODYS Productions

    Warrington’s leading youth musical theatre company! In 1996 2 amateur dramatics enthusiasts realised there was a...
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  • Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide

    We are the only UK-based organisation offering peer-led support to adults impacted by suicide loss....
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  • Supportive Sloths

    Supportive Sloths NW is a sling and cloth nappy library in the North West covering...
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    The Small Founders Club is a feel good community committed to supporting, connecting and empowering...
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What can we do for you?

If you would like to look at our space or want to talk about classes or workshops just call in and we will try to help where we can.


All of our products are sourced from small businesses and independent traders and we see that as part of our community support too. Small businesses helping small businesses! It means our relationships are much more productive as we can work with each other directly and change things are we need to, keeping an eye on quality all the time. Our current suppliers/partners include:

  • Tapas Lunch Company

    A Spanish family based in Norfolk who cure their own meats and offer a direct...
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  • Spookton Micro Brewery

    A new supplier of craft beers brewing in Chester. One of their offerings is called...
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  • Gerrard Seel Wines

    A wine merchant based in Woolston these guys really know their stuff and provide knowledge...
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  • The Cheese Yard

    Vincent is French, and has the most amazing knowledge of cheese as well as direct...
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  • Harvey and Brockless Cheese Mongers

    A family run national company with a base in Leigh, supplying us with artisan cheeses...
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  • Gourmet Mushrooms

    A new supplier from Cumbria of mushroom products including anti-pasti and chutneys which are vegan...
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  • Netties Fabulous Fudge

    A warrington-based fudge maker with a gorgeous range of fudge bars....
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  • 4Ts Brewery

    Based in Latchford this amazing set up brew a massive range of local craft beers...
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  • Twist Teas

    Made on Pollards Farm in Herefordshire with an amazing range of teas professionally dried and...
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  • Burtonwood Coffee Company

    A small coffee roasting company based in Burtonwood! All packaging is recycled and as we...
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New Suppliers joining soon

  • Cole Brothers Hot Sauce
  • Prestons Eggnog

We are currently looking for new suppliers!

Especially chutneys and jams – so please get in touch if you have something you think would look good on our shelves.