Meet the Team

The Business Owners – Sonia and Sarah – get involved with day to day stuff quite a lot, with Sonia still operating as the Head Baker as well as the Operational Director and Sarah supporting many of the additional events as well as being the Creative Director.

They are both heavily involved in Community activity too.

Amy is our Retail Manager in charge of Cheese, Meats, Deli and all retail produce. You’ll mostly find her at the Cheese Counter but she’s a mean cook and works the plancha like a pro and has started baking breads too.

Lynn is one of our Bakers and regularly bakes bread but her pastry is amazing (we pretty much leave her to it when we need sausage rolls) and she loves making cakes too. Lynn pitches in with everything else once the oven is off.

Lauren is our professional Barista and head of Cookies! She takes the lead with corporate catering, does quite a bit of baking and supports shop management.

Izzy is our young Baker, taking a year out between College and Uni, she loves making our sourdough and she loves cooking too.

Madie is our customer specialist, working part time around College she loves working with people and always has a ready smile.

Young Emily has just joined to help on Saturdays and keep us on top of the dishes! And our Donna comes in to bail us out from time to time – she is a whizz on the plancha!

We are also joined by extras depending on what we are doing. Steve is our Wine enthusiast and supports every Cheese and Wine night and we have pinched Nigel from his swanky restaurant from time to time too! We’ve pinched Phil as well…

mamars team
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