Our Story

Mamars, initially established by Sonia as ‘Mamar’s Bread and Cheese’ in July 2019 on Warrington Market, offering freshly made and baked bread and an extensive range of Artisan Cheeses, quickly gained a loyal following during the pandemic. Recognising the need for a larger space, Mamars found a home at The Old Bank, a historic Grade II listed building which had been empty for almost 12 years having previously operated as a bank between 1937 and 2007. With the support of a new business partner – Sarah – Mamars at The Old Bank opened its doors on 2nd September 2021. The Old Bank is a very large space and with growing costs and an offer of support we couldn’t turn down Mamars will relocate to The Hive on Sankey Street during October 2023, opening the door of their new (and hopefully final resting place) shop on 6 November 2023. It’s a little bit smaller than the old bank but large enough that we can continue doing what we’re doing and it has much better footfall, sititng within a new, vibrant retail and hospitality space, as well as big picture windows. From an old Co-op Bank to the old Co-op Buildings we really think this will be a great place for us to be!

At Mamars, bread takes center stage, with our sourdough starter, affectionately named Doris, celebrating her 8th year and the range of Breads on offer growing and changing all the time. From Sourdough to Yeasted to Sweet Breads to Cheese Stuffed! All our bread, cakes, cookies, and pastries are handmade in our shop using traditional recipes and without any additives. In addition to our exceptional bread, Mamars sources Artisan Cheeses directly from reputable Cheesemongers, offering an extensive selection for all Cheese enthusiasts. But our passion for quality extends beyond bread and cheese, and we also offer a wide range of other delicatessen and retail products, including cured meats, freshly roasted coffee, teas, chutneys, jams, cider, wines, beers, and more.

This forms the basis of our fresh food menu too – Bread, Cheese and Meats is the focus for everything we do! From an outstanding range of Cheese Stuffed Toasties, to fresh breakfasts, to Cheese and Charcuterie Boards to a yummy cake. Served with smoothly roasted Coffees and fresh Teas or something a little stronger from our range of locally sourced wines, ciders and craft beers – we have even made a Sourdough Bread Beer with our best buds 4Ts Brewery!

Mamars aims to be more than just a food and drink destination. Both Sonia and Sarah worked in the public sector for more years than they care to remember! Once a public servant, always a public servant, they have carried this ethos into their business and like all good businesses everywhere, allowed it to grow positively. With a strong community focus, we have created a comfortable, inclusive space that embraces diversity and supports various local organisations and charities. Mamars directly plays host to a variety of community events, we offer baking classes and clubs, put on cheese and wine nights, deliver saturday afternoon live music sessions, and run supper clubs, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of Warrington Town Centre. We also offer the space for Private Hire for your celebrations and for Community Support Groups in need of somewhere to meet, rehearse, offer support from. This has meant we have been able to meet the standards required for a Community Interest Company (CIC), and we are classified as non-profit making as we reinvest everything back into our Community Interest Company. We have established several collaborative activities with a number of organisations dedicated to mental fitness, well-being, social causes and most important of all – Community.

Mamars stands as a principled and honest establishment, offering a unique blend of commercial retail and hospitality with a strong support for Community, Partnership and Collaboration. The only requirement we have of all our customers (and community partners), is that they MUST love good food!