At Mamars Artisan Bakery we offer traditional wholesome breads, cakes and baked goods. Our breads are predominantly Vegan Friendly (with the exception of the Cheese stuffed and Sweet Bread range) and we don’t include any additives in any of our baked good which are made in our shop and baked in Manyana (our Portuguese Bread Oven). If you come in early enough you will see us baking too!

All our flour is sourced from FWP Matthews, an organic miller based in the Cotswolds ( We regularly use Wychwood White (a blend of canadian red and strong British wheat); Ancient Crunch (a blend of rye, spelt and malted flakes); 8 Grain (a blend of 6 different grains) and Farmhouse Wholemeal and occasionally 7 Seeded Organic; Tipo 00; Light and Wholegrain Spelt and Light Crunch (a blend of white, rye and spelt) plus Plain and Self Raising flours for our pastries and cakes. Can’t get in til later and want to make sure you get your favourite? Just send us a message the day before and we will save it for you. You can see details of our regular breads below but we do make seasonal goods too so keep popping in as you never know what you might find!

Sourdough (VF, LOW GI)

Leavened bread made with just flour, salt and water using our very own Doris (starter culture made with flour and water)

Standard (approx 900g) £4.30
Large (approx 1200g) £5.50


Cobs and Bloomers made with a blend of Rye, Spelt and Malted Flakes which means they are 100% wheat free. Additional ingredients include yeast, salt, sugar, oil and water.

Cob £4.30
Bloomer £5.50

Foccacia (VF)

A good slab sized portion of Foccacia. We regularly make Rosemary and Sea Salt but sometimes we also make Garlic OR Semi Dried Tomatoes OR Olives or maybe something else if we’re feeling adventurous! These are usually made towards the end of the week. Other ingredients include yeast, salt, water and plenty of Olive Oil.

From £5

Seven Seeded Organic (VF)

Made occasionally, generally on a thursday when Mamar is ‘inventing’ things, this gorgeous cob loaf is amazing. We’ve tried it as a sourdough but it’s a little too chewy and seems to favour a yeasted option. Don’t think that means it not as good for you – our bread do not contain additives remember! Additional ingredients include yeast, salt, sugar, oil and water.

Only £5

Tins & Cobs (YEASTED) – Plus Barms (VF)

Choose from either White, 8 Grain or Wholemeal. We use 100% of the flour described. Additional ingredients include yeast, salt, sugar, oil and water.

Tin £2.20
Cob £2.50
Barms from 50p each

Cheese Stuffed (CONTAINS DAIRY)

A light white wrapped loaf stuffed with Red Leicester Cheese (and sometimes Chorizo or N’duja) additional ingredients include yeast, salt and water. These loaves tend to be made on a friday.

Cheese £4.50
Cheese and Chorizo OR N’duja £5.50


Not only do we offer this on our menu but you can buy one too! Pretty much like everything we do. This loaf includes lots of dried fruit and our special sweet spice mix. Additional ingredients include eggs, milk, butter, yeast, salt, sugar and water.

From £5



All made on site daily and served fresh to you. We also supply on a wholesale basis. We are happy to make and bake specific orders if there is something not on the wholesale list that you are looking for.

There is a minimum order requirement of £30 and delivery is free within the Warrington area. If you would like to place an order or request a quote for wholesale supply, please contact us at and we will be in touch to discuss your needs.

Our current wholesale customers are also happy to provide a reference.

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